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Woodinville Movers has been in the moving business for over ten years. We do not just move your stuff; we take care of it like it was our own. Customers trust our team to be courteous and respectful of their property and belongings and we take that trust seriously.

Woodinville Movers always strives to improve our team with the goal of becoming the best Woodinville moving services company in the Pacific Northwest.

Our teams are committed to providing the highest quality experience for your needs, whether you hire us for junk hauling, moving, or simple end-to-end services.

You can rely on our fully licensed teams to provide the utmost care in handling your possessions and belongings in getting them to your new home on time.

Woodinville Movers

Keep Moving is a US-based local and long-distance company that offers cross-country shipping with competitive for every local and long distance move.

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Why choose Woodinville Movers? 

Woodinville Movers understands that you have a lot of worries when moving into a new home. Packing, renting a truck, and disposing of things you do not want to take with you does not have to be difficult. So, when you are looking for someone to help you with Woodinville moving needs, you want to make sure that you hire honest, reliable, and trustworthy people.


Our Woodinville Moving Services 

Local Woodinville Moving WA State

Woodinville Movers offers complete local or long-distance moving services to our customers. We ensure that to take care of your belongings throughout your entire move.

Every customer has different requirements, and we offer a full range of moving services to help them successfully move into their new home. Our flexible packaging, handling, and shipping options are available at competitive prices to meet all our customer’s specific moving needs.

Woodinville Movers knows that a local move can be an exciting yet sometimes unsettling experience. Hundreds of people have trusted their move with us because we treat their items like our own. We carry all the right insurance coverage and follow national regulations giving you even more confidence in the job we do for you. We offer the most competitive pricing for the WA state and surrounding areas and will never give you the “run around” with pricing because we take pride in our work. There are several considerations involved in pricing a local move. Our local moves are charged at an hourly rate. Our rate is based on the number of movers and the number of trucks required.

When you book with Woodinville Movers, we arrive on time and with everything needed, from the moving truck to packing supplies and materials to dollies, floor runners, straps, and ties. Your foreman will call you 30-45 min before their arrival to make sure you are ready for us. We only use the most modern equipment and trucks when transporting your belongings during a local move.

Our goal is always to provide you with personalized services.


Express Shipping West Coast with Woodinville Movers

You will have your household items delivered quickly and safely with our express delivery service. We have many years of experience in providing express shipping services. We strive to provide the best moving services to every customer at an affordable price.

With the express delivery movers at Woodinville Movers, you can have your belongings moved fast and safely. Many clients prefer us as their first express delivery moving company. In addition, with us, there are no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises when you move. Woodinville Movers is a fully licensed and insured company, so we can handle your express moving quickly and provide you with guaranteed overall satisfaction. If you are looking for fast and efficient Movers, we are the right choice. We specialize in quick but careful express moving services.

Our primary goal is simple and just-what-you-need – to provide first-class quality moving services at a reasonable cost.


Woodinville Storage Space

For your moving convenience, Woodinville Movers also offers storage solutions. We help to keep your belongings safe. Regardless of the size or type of storage you require, we can customize our storage solutions to fit your unique needs.

We offer storage space at your original state for about 4 and a half weeks. This is an effective way of staying organized even while your move is in progress or for customers still looking for a new home in their destination state.

At Woodinville Movers, keeping your valuables safe and secure during your move is our top priority. We will store all of your items until you are ready to settle in at your new home.

You can rely on our fully licensed, professional, honest, and trustworthy teams to provide the utmost care in handling your possessions and belongings.


Woodinville Moving and Packing Options

Packing up your entire home can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. You can count on Woodinville Movers to pack your household items with our team of experienced packers. Because we know that packing for a long-distance or local move can prove challenging. We will wrap, box, and pack all your belongings to ensure a safe move.

Everything must be packed correctly to ensure your belongings are safe during transport. Our experts work with you to identify items that are extra fragile or require special attention to ensure your belongings are packed safely and securely to prevent damage.


Woodinville All-inclusive Moving

We provide an all-inclusive Woodinville packing and moving service for every house move or office move. Our all-inclusive package makes your move headache free. Our teams will wrap, box, and label all your items, load them onto one of our trucks and drive them to your new location. Once there, we can open and unwrap everything for you and take away all the leftover boxes and wrapping.


Customized Packing & Crating

If you need less help, our team can help you pack only the items you specify or pack just one room. Woodinville Movers also offers individual packing packages to help protect your most valuable items. We can provide expert packing for fragile, valuable items like fine China and electronics to make sure they arrive at your new location just like they left.

Did we tell you that we have multiple options to fit your needs and budget, from full service to self-service? We can pack, load, and move all your precious and fragile items and furniture for you, or if you prefer, we can bring a trailer and you can do the loading yourself- whatever works best for you!

So, whether you would like us to pack and load everything in your house or just to load items you have packaged, or just provide the trailer for you to load yourself, we are happy to do it.


Woodinville Movers Hourly Labor Option

Loading and unloading a moving truck or storage unit is often the most challenging part of moving your home so hiring an experienced moving team makes sense. Woodinville Movers is proud to offer professional hourly labor services to help with successful local, long-distance, or Woodinville commercial moving.

If you do not need the entire Woodinville moving service package, Woodinville Movers can also provide you with extra help with our hourly labor services. We can assist you with any steps in your move. Even if you just need us to help move heavy boxes to the garage or move furniture in your living room. We are always available to help you with all the heavy lifting.


Cross-country Woodinville Moving Services

You can trust our professional team to handle your move from state to state. We guarantee to maintain our high-quality customer service with every cross-country move. Our drivers keep you updated on their progress every step of the way to make sure you know exactly when to expect them at your new home. When it comes to moving your family and home across the country, you have enough to do without worrying about your moving company.

Please choose us, the top-rated moving company in the Pacific Northwest.


Woodinville Junk Removal

Besides packing and moving your stuff, we are available to clean up and get rid of your unwanted items.

Woodinville Movers offers professional junk removal services. We have the solution for your Woodinville residential and commercial recycling and junk removal needs. Our local experts are ready to handle all of your lifting, packaging, and recycling tasks. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and up-front pricing.

We can also assist with specialized cleaning needs. With our cleaning and removal services, we can help to clear the path to the cleaner house. Before disposal, we sort items that can be recycled and items that need hazardous disposal like oils, electronics, tires, etc… We want to make sure those items are properly disposed of. Proper disposal of materials makes for a greener environment.

The price for each junk removal project will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Call us today for a free and no-hassle estimate.


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Woodinville Movers can be trusted to handle your move quickly, efficiently, safely, and economically! Whether we are moving a few items, an apartment, or a fully furnished mansion, we cannot wait to show you pride in every move!

When you schedule with us, you can relax and be assured that your move is in expert hands.

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