Q- I have especially fragile items that need to be moved, but I am worried about them breaking. Do you have the experience and insurance to pack them? 

A- Yes, we can wrap and pack any item to arrive without damage. Our expert packing team works with you to identify, catalog, and wrap items to ensure they arrive safely. We use specialized boxes and a variety of wrapping materials that are each designed for different types of items. Glass vases, fine China, flat-screen TVs, or family heirlooms all have different packing needs. Making sure the proper type of box and wrapping for each item is essential for a successful move. You can check our customize packing for more details.

Q- When I was little, I remember our family used a moving company, and the men that arrived were unprofessional, very sweaty, and not the type of people I would want around my family and home. What are your movers like? 

A- Our movers are not like the ones in the “old days” or like you may have seen at other companies. Instead, our movers are polite, courteous, and professional. We insist on drug testing for our employees and conducting background checks for every new employee. Since our movers are the face of our company in the field, we only hire the best and most professional movers. 


Q- I have a tight schedule where I must have someone pick up my items on a specific day and then deliver them on another day. Is this possible? 

A- No problem. Our schedulers work with you to make sure our movers arrive on the day you want, and we will deliver everything when you want. We can even store all your items for up to 30 days if your new home is not ready yet. Bad weather and road construction can sometimes slow down deliveries on cross-country moves. All our trucks have GPS in them that allows our office to track your shipment and update you on their progress every step of the way! 


Q- I will be moving from Seattle down to the Olympia area next month, but I have a limited budget, can you help? 

A- Absolutely. We have lots of options for every budget. The best thing to do is call our schedulers and let them know how many rooms need to be moved. They will ask if there are any special or heavy items and where you are moving from and to. They will work up several possibilities to fit your needs. You can tweak those bids with our schedulers to find exactly what you want. 


Q- My company is moving offices from one office space to another one in the same complex. We do not need a moving company; however, we do need someone to pick up and carry all the furniture and things down the hall. Can you do that? 

A- We have an easy “Labor by the Hour” option that might be right for you. Our schedulers can send 2, 4, or 6 movers over to your offices with all the dollies and carts needed and you just direct them what to take where. We always send an even number of workers in case items to need 2 people to lift them safely.  We can move just the big items to save you money or we can move everything down to the office plants- it is up to you. 

Q- I had a grandparent pass away, and I need someone to help clear out their house and ship different items to specific people. Can you help? 

A- We are sorry for your loss and are happy to help. We can send a team over to help you go through items and recycle or dispose of items that are not wanted. They can also wrap and box up items and arrange shipping to multiple locations by their will. 

Q- I bought a big, heavy safe online that was delivered to me but I need someone to move it up a flight of stairs, can you do that? 

A- Most likely, yes. We just need the dimensions and the total weight of the safe, so we know what sort of lifting aids and how many people to send and we can work up an estimate. 

Q- Why choose to Keep Moving over other moving companies?

A- We are a local moving company that takes pride in our service and low cost to our customers.